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StarkFeed is a dynamic and dedicated news media platform that has been illuminating the digital landscape since late 2016. Born from a passion for delivering impactful stories and the latest news, we specialize in a variety of key areas: Beauty, Business, In-depth Product Reviews, Lifestyle, Marketing, Top Lists, and Travel News.


Our mission is to offer our readers more than just news; we aim to provide insights that enrich, inform, and inspire. With a keen eye on the evolving interests and needs of our audience, StarkFeed has consistently adapted and expanded our coverage to serve as a trusted source of information and inspiration.


From our early days to the present, our commitment has remained unwavering: to empower, educate, and entertain our readers with high-quality, carefully curated content. As we continue to grow, StarkFeed remains dedicated to exploring new horizons in news media, always staying true to our core values of integrity, accuracy, and relevance.

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Unrivaled Expertise

Since our inception in late 2016, StarkFeed has dedicated itself to providing news and insights across specific fields such as beauty, business, lifestyle, marketing, top lists, and travel. Our focused approach means we offer not just news, but depth and understanding in the areas that matter to you.

People Behind StarkFeed

Meet Our Team

StarkFeed is powered by a passionate team of writers, editors, and content creators dedicated to bringing you the latest and most compelling news in our specialized fields. Get to know the people who make it all happen.

James Stone

Creative Director

Ashley Riordan

Art Director

Albert Coleman

Marketing Head

Clemens Steiner

Manager & QC