When Are The Best Times to Post on TikTok?

When Are The Best Times to Post on TikTok?

Without a doubt, TikTok is one of the most important places to build a social presence online at the moment. More than 1.3 billion people use the app in countries around the world, with 600 million actually getting on the app to create, view, share, and comment on content every day. And these aren’t casual users, spending about 52 minutes or more at a time.

But when is the best time of day to publish content on TikTok? When are people reading, and when are they most likely to engage with what they’re reading? 

Whether it is for your business, personal brand, or your clients to make the most of your social media marketing strategy, you should know when the best time is to make a post on TikTok to maximize your exposure. 

According to a recent study by Ako Stark, these are the best times to post on TikTok by day of the week: 

  • Sunday: 7 AM to 10 AM, and 5 PM
  • Monday: 8 AM to 11 AM, and 9 PM
  • Tuesday: 9 AM to 11 AM, and 11 PM
  • Wednesday: 7 AM to 11 AM, and 11 PM 
  • Thursday: 9 AM to 12 PM, and 7 PM 
  • Friday: 6 AM to 11 AM, and 5 PM 
  • Saturday: 11 AM to 2 PM, and 7 PM
Best Times To Post on TikTok
This graph shows the best times you can post content on TikTok.

As video sharing social network TikTok continues to grow, many marketers are flocking to the platform to try and figure out the best way to share content. And they’re right: a user base this robust is a veritable goldmine for potential sales. All you’ve got to do is make content and put it out there for people to see

One of the most common questions regarding posting videos is “When should we post?”

When it comes to determining the right time to share content on TikTok, it can be tricky, requiring some factors. Read on for the best tips out there for post timing and what you should keep in mind when scheduling your content.

Determining the best time to post on TikTok

One of the first things to determine when planning your content and release schedule is where your audience is located. TikTok has users across the globe, so narrowing down exactly where your followers are tuning in is key to post timing. Having a Pro account will allow you to view analytics outlining where your viewers are located.

Time zones are important

Once you know exactly where your viewers are, you might need to plan your content based on the time zones they live in. For example, if you see that most of your followers are either on the east coast of the United States or in the United Kingdom, there’s a six-hour difference you’ll need to consider. 

Mornings are a good time to post

As you schedule your content, it’s a good idea to consider when your audience will be waking up. Users tend to check their phones first thing in the morning, which makes first thing in the morning a great time to show up at their door with a strong piece of marketing. 

By posting early, it’s more likely that your content will pop up first in your audience members’ feeds. You’ll have to post manually, though, since TikTok does not currently have a scheduling function.

It’s not just about the time

While timing certainly plays a significant role in the success of any post, it goes beyond just when you post your content. One of the key pieces of the puzzle is to determine what makes you and your brand unique. Once you’ve got that in-hand, it’s just a matter of applying that filter to all of your content. Hit the sweet spot, then come back every day and keep hitting it. 

It’s also important to be consistent in your posting. You may even want to increase your content production in many cases.

Consider sharing your older stuff on TikTok

When you move houses, it’s not like you leave all of your good furniture in your old house and start over with nothing, right? If you’ve got a treasure trove of older content that hasn’t yet been shared on TikTok, consider recycling it. This goes hand-in-hand with the above tip regarding increased and consistent content production. This is also a great way to really introduce your audience to your brand in its most honest form.

Go beyond your time zones by collaborating with other TikTok users

A common social media practice is “cross-pollination,” which just refers to using one social media account to share a message with a different share of followers. By collaborating with other TikTok users, you’ll likely gain the attention of a whole new audience and a massive section of that platform’s users. You’ll also forge strong partnerships with other users and even inspire others to want to work with you.

Reach other parts of the world with hashtags

Hashtags are a key element across a variety of social networks, and TikTok is no different. To grow your audience and reach users across time zones, it’s important to identify hashtags that are relevant to your content. 

A tip for choosing hashtags is to be pretty specific, but still aim for the umbrella terms that have good numbers of views and just apply them to your content. 

In conclusion, it’s about knowing your audience

All in all, knowing your audience is one of the key factors in growing your presence on TikTok. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to navigate the best times to post and get on their screens. 

Additionally, to keep growing, it’s crucial to be consistent. Providing consistent, quality content will please your audience and contribute to your growth. Collaborating with TikTok users who have a sizable, varied viewership and employing hashtags are also great ways to increase your own following. 

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