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Want To Write For StarkFeed?

That’s great to hear – we want you to, too! Your interest in writing for StarkFeed is exactly what we love most about the Internet, and we’re looking for new contributors. That being said, however, we are selective about who we let contribute, but that’s normal, right? I mean, you wouldn’t let someone paint your house if they’d never held a brush before. And yes, that is us using art as a metaphor for our blog. 

Look. Our goal is to develop great content we can be proud of, and that gives our authors some level of exposure. Everything else is fair game.


Please fully read these before making any submission:

Articles should be between 500 and 1,500 words apiece. Anything shorter will definitely be thrown out. Anything longer had better be great.. They should be relevant, first of all, and readable. They should also be good. 

For those of you not familiar with out content, aim for the following areas:

  • Entertainment 
  • Lifestyle
  • Gaming 
  • Fiction

How To Get Published With Us 

Not to flex, but we get a lot of submissions at StarkFeed, every day. For a better chance of featuring, following these guidelines:


We really only have time to publish the best content from within our niches at StarkFeed. With that in mind, it’s not up to us to edit your articles for you. Before you submit your writing, try to edit it or have it edited. The goal is for us to receive content that is ready to be published right away.

  • Match your article to the quality and tone of the other articles on this website. Do your research ahead of time so you don’t stick out like a sore thumb.
  • Poorly written articles will not be accepts, and we likely won’t have time to email you back, so check, then check again.
  • Links, pictures, and videos must all be included, and picture and video quality must be high.


Take a moment before you submit to format your article along the following lines:

  • Break your sentences into paragraphs. 
  • No more than four sentences per paragraph.
  • Break your paragraphs up into sections. 
  • Use H2 tags to head each section. 
  • Use H3 tags for subheadings.
  • No more than 300 words in a section.
  • Give me some of those bulleted lists where possible. 
  • Format appropriately. Don’t use capital letters to highlight things. Bold and Italics, and in moderation. 

What To Do Once Your Article Has Been Selected

  • Articles will be edited for clarity and brevity, at our discretion and to conform to StarkFeed’s specific style guide. Headlines will also be changed, if we need to, and suggesting alternatives when you submit would really help us with that. .
  • Authors retain copyright and may republish their articles on their own blogs after publishing on StarkFeed. We only ask you to please cite StarkFeed and link to the article with us, as it is the original.
  • StarkFeed reserves the right to reprint your article, with full attribution, in any and all future media and marketing materials.
  • StarkFeed does not pay for article submissions. 


Got a finished article you’re ready to see published on StarkFeed? Mail us at info@starkfeed.com  with your article, relevant images, and a short bio, and we’ll get right to it. If we print your article, we’ll notify you once it goes live.


  • Submissions must be original work to the submitter, and can not have been published elsewhere. 
  • Submissions must be edited and well written. 
  • Article must credit sources at all times. 
  • Ads disguised as guest articles will not be accepted. For advertising, email us.

Reasons Your Submissions May Be Rejected:

  • Articles which come across as spam or marketing spins
  • Irrelevant subject matter or format
  • Short or overly long articles, or topics that repeat things we’ve already published
  • Content riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes, or is simply inappropriate
  • Author names are submitted that seem fake or incomplete, or where the bio is incomplete

Terms and Conditions

By submitting an article to StarkFeed, you acknowledge and agree to the following points:

  • you are the sole author and owner of the content, 100% of all copyrights related to it are yours, or you have the express permission of the owner or author to submit this article. Articles published elsewhere may be published here, as well.
  • You give permission to StarkFeed to publish your article on any of our related websites or in any related newsletters. 
  • StarkFeed agrees to include full bios at the end of each guest article. The author reserves the rights and copyrights to this content.

Questions or concerns? Reach out, at info@starkfeed.com