How to Get Followers on Byte App: 10 Tips That Actually Work.

So you’ve decided you want to get more followers on Byte App. Easier said than done, right? The real question is how to do it the right way, without having to invest big bucks or engage in blackhat tactics. 

The good news is: you’ve come to the right place to learn how to do it the right way. I am not going to deny, there are shortcuts you could take. For example, you could buy followers. You could use bots or buy prebuilt pages. But, as Byte App has grown even more popular, the moderators have advanced their systems for spotting and removing users and content based on activity that is not authentic. So these shady tactics may boost your follower count in the short term, but definitely won’t do you any favors in the long run. 

Remember: your goal is to be an influencer who understands marketing. Someone who can develop a strong personal brand which can scale. Your goal is to grow your following by bringing in real people who actually care about and engage with your content. This is the only way your Byte App strategy will deliver real results. 

So keep scrolling and check out our list of effective ways to get more followers on Byte App for free. 

How to Get Followers on Byte App For Free: 10 Simple Tips

  1. Pick a niche you’re passionate about 
  2. Optimize your profile (use other users as an example)
  3. Create authentic content 
  4. Pay attention to trends and capitalize on them
  5. You have to post videos every day, even if they don’t reach many people
  6. Share rewatchable and shareable videos (create engaging content)
  7. Gain followers by following other users 
  8. Run giveaway contests 
  9. Incorporate popular music 
  10. Share your byte profile link on other social media platforms 

Pick a Niche Your Passionate About 

You need a niche, plain and simple. If you don’t know, a niche is basically the type of content you will be sharing on Byte App. Your niche is going to be the topic you will be providing value with on Byte’s platform, and you need that niche not only for Byte App but to grow your presence across every other social media platform.

By way of a popular example, consider the travel niche. Consider Instagram. You probably follow a few travel pages. I do, myself. These vloggers are constantly sharing amazing videos of the destinations they’ve been to, and the reason you follow them is because you are expecting them to post the same amazing content related to travel, every day. But, if they started posting fashion content out of the blue, you would probably unfollow them, because you’re just not going to be interested in their content. That is not the reason you followed them. 

So, if you are looking to grow your following, you are going to have to pick your niche and follow it. To choose a niche, think about all the things you like doing in real life. You might like to travel, sing, play video games, dance, play sports, etc. Any of these things could be your niche. Obviously you don’t have to choose just one of these hobbies as a niche but, the more specific you are, the easier it will be to grow your Byte account. 

Optimize Your Profile 

Byte App
Example of well-optimized Byte Profile.

Byte App has millions of users. To stand out from the crowd, you have to optimize your profile. Choose a simple username. One that’s recognizable and easy to find. Ideally, choose your business name as your handle or something people will know you by on other social media platforms. When it comes to your profile picture, pick your brand image so that people can easily recognize your brand. Make sure to use the same image across all your platforms. 

Create Authentic Content

Once you have identified your niche and you have optimized your profile to get the attention of your audience, you can move onto the next step. This is one of the most important steps in this entire process: producing actual content for your fans. Virality on social media works not by copying success, but by generating it. You can obviously emulate success once or twice, but you will stand out from the crowd. Treat it like a learning process.

People want something different. Something new. You have to make sure you create authentic content that grabs their attention and converts them into followers. 

How to create authentic content? 

Above all else, follow the trends. You have to pay attention to what’s trending and use trending topics to mold new and popular content around your niche. Make it so that people can relate to your content. You want that “I’ve related to this content so much I have to share this with all my followers” content. This is how you create trending content. 

Some of the better tools you might want to use to identify what is trending in the world include: 

Paid Tools: 

  • BuzzSumo
  • Feedly 

Free Tools: 

  • Google Trends 
  • Reddit 
  • Quora 
  • Twitter 

As you can see, you have plenty of free resources available to you to identify what’s trending out there and, with your talent and skills, create authentic content that keeps your fans engaged. Don’t have skills? No problem. Nowadays, you can learn everything you need online, for free, on websites such as Udemy. You can literally know more than anyone around you, if you take the time to study, learn and apply your knowledge.

You Have to Post Videos Every Day, Even If They Don’t Reach Many People

If you have not yet identified what type of content you will make, you may wonder: “How can I use these trends every single day?” The time it would take to identify the trend, then put the content together, while following the rules and regulations of the social platforms you use, can eat up your entire day. And while it might sound like a lot of fun, the truth is the output can be hectic. You have to think of your social media profile as a business, and run it like a business. 

So if you can not utilize trends to create content, there has to be a next step. Identify three big influencers in your niche industry and emulate their content. By emulating, you will learn and develop. Once you emulate enough and build your audience, you can focus on creating content. 

I can not stress enough: once you’ve made your first video, you have to post videos every single day, even if they don’t reach many people. The Byte App algorithms work similarly to other social media platforms. It rewards those who stay consistent with their content creation. Don’t focus on likes and views or subscribers. Steer your focus toward producing more content. Views, Likes, Comments and followers will come with consistent work.

Share rewatchable and shareable videos 

Once you start creating content, make sure to pick and share content your audience can watch more than once. Can you name a video you’ve watched more than once? Most of us have that one video. 

But why? What made you want to revisit the video and watch it one more time? Because it was good. It was informative. It gave you some type of value, whether it was something you related to, knowledge you gained, or inspiration you took from it.  Maybe it just made you laugh. You get the point I’m making. Make content people enjoy rewatching and sharing. The best way to make something people will share is by understanding why you shared the videos you’ve shared in the past. This will guide you in building your content. 

Gain Followers By Following Other Users 

This method really only works once you’ve made over 20 videos and are consistent with your daily uploads. This method was first created back in 2012 with the intention of growing social media followers faster than otherwise possible. The method worked and it became the go-to technique for Instagram influencers around the world basically overnight. 

But nothing good can last. Instagram had to place follow limitations on how many people users could follow, because some users would follow 2 million people and 700k to a million would follow them back. 

Apps like Byte have not yet advanced along the same paths as Instagram and others. The follow-unfollow method is a great way to bring in more followers fast. Here’s how it works: you have to find your niche accounts. Let’s say you are into travel – in the search bar, type in “travel”, and all the travel accounts come up. Click the first one and move on to the other ones once you’ve completed your objectives. 

Since Byte App doesn’t display how many people follow your account, the only way you can make this work is by clicking on profile videos, then likes, and following every single person that liked that video. Repeat this process on each single video on that account. About 30% of the people you follow will follow you back and, since they are already interested in your niche, they are more likely to interact with and share your content. 

Example of how you can follow the users on Byte App:

Where you see the yellow circle is where you click.

Byte App
This screenshot shows where user must click to see which users liked the post.

Once you click at that area, you will be presented with the little pop-up, please take a look at the example below:

Byte App
This screenshot shows comments, likes and where you need to click.

The next step is to follow every single user that liked the post. So you can click on those users one by one and follow them all.

Run Giveaway Contests 

This is one of my favorite methods of increasing engagement on social media and attracting new followers. It’s a tale as old as time: people love free stuff. This is the reason many businesses advertise and promote with free stuff in the form of giveaway contests. 

Take dealerships, for example. They will send you a $25 gift card and, in order to claim it, you have to do something. In most cases, it is to come inside the dealership and test-drive a car. What is their intention? To sell you a car, obviously. If they can’t sell you the car on the spot, they submit you as an unclosed lead who was interested in a particular car and the salesman will follow up with you until you buy from them. 

The same concept applies when increasing your followers. Travel companies might do something like “Win a free trip in the Carribean” and run that promotion on their Byte App profiles. In order to participate, you have to tag three friends in the post itself, like the photo, and follow their page. A winner is chosen from the comments section, which guarantees  a metric ton of engagement with your page and promotion. 

This is a proven method for increasing engagement and converting followers. Host giveaways. Give away anything – people love gift cards and high-end personalized items. Get creative about how you want them to participate. Do you want more likes? Followers? Maybe you want to collect their emails. 

Go in with an open mind and a clear goal, and you’ll have a better shot of achieving something with your promotion.

Incorporate Popular Music

People love trending music, and Byte App and TikTok are great examples of this. It’s your job as a savvy marketer to take advantage of this information and incorporate popular music into your content. When people hear it, they will be more receptive and, ultimately, far more likely to convert. 

TikTok, specifically, has done an amazing job with this. They have optimized their platform so well that it is a popular music platform, in and of itself. What people are listening to right now is all over the content produced here. People hear music they like, attached to a video they can relate to, and the whole product is a great ad for your brand. This maximizes your chances of that person engaging with your content and, ultimately, following your account. 

Share Your Byte Profile Link on Other Social Media Platforms 

What good is it to operate on just one social media platform, though? You are exposing yourself to a limited potential crowd, and you have to constantly share to your videos across other social media platforms if you’re going to capture new potential audiences.

Let’s be honest: the reason TikTok videos exploded out of nowhere the way it did wasn’t because of luck. It was a strategy, with marketing experts making the videos easily shareable. Byte App videos are the same way, easily shareable and waiting for users to share them. 

Other social media platforms you can utilize could include: 

  • Facebook 
  • Pinterest 
  • Reddit 
  • Quora 
  • Tumblr 
  • Twitter 
  • LinkedIn (If business related). 
  • Related Online Forums

By sharing your content across other platforms, you’ll increase your exposure and start to convert followers on different platforms to fully scale up your social media presence. 

Bonus Tip: Byte App HashTags 

It’s at this part that many people get confused as to what they’ll need to do next. They don’t know what the best tags are for their videos. They don’t understand what tags are or how they work or, if they do happen to know those two things, they have no idea how to find the right tags for their content. 

Simply put, a hashtag is a keyword phrase people use to search for specific accounts, information or content on social media websites. Hashtags are normally placed in the description of your content right before it’s published, and help to define it within the larger space of the social platform you are using.

So what are the best tags to trend on Byte App? There are millions, but every video must have the following tags for the best visibility: #ChillByte #Byte and one to three relevant tags to your actual content.

And what do I mean when I say “Relevant tags”? For example, if you made a video related to travel and this particular travel trip is taking place in Hawaii, you would want to have the following tags in your video description: 

#ChillByte #Byte #Travel #Traveling #Hawaii

Let’s take another example: you are in the food niche and you have just made a video about a beautiful dessert you made. In this case, your tags would go like this: 

#ChillByte #Byte #food #desert 

and maybe another one tagging the name of the dessert (for example, #ApplePie)

You want to use these tags to maximize your visibility because thousands of people are searching for these tags on a daily basis and, since Byte App is not on TikTok or Instagram’s level yet, you will be able to drive some of this traffic to your content and, ultimately, create a few new followers. 

Final Thoughts  

These tips might not make you an overnight Byte App sensation, but you can for sure use them to help you achieve your follower goal as you continuously work on your account. Remember, if you are trying to make it big, you can not look at this as a hobby. You have to treat this like a business and run it like a business. It requires you to invest your time and make a sincere effort in order to make your videos stand out, your brand generate value, and your account actually do something. 

But, if you stay consistent and follow the given tips, all the hard work will pay off, and you will start to rack up hundreds of new followers before you’ve even realized what’s happening. While you work on building your presence on Byte App, it’s important to utilize all of the other social media platforms (like TikTok) to gain more visibility. Byte was inspired by TikTok, essentially, so make sure to check out these ways you can use TikTok for marketing your business as well. 

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